West Coast District
SALARY : R136 800 in step with annum
CENTRE : West Coast TB Centre, (Stationed at ID Hospital, Malmesbury)

REQUIREMENTS : Minimum educational qualification: General Education and Training Certificate
(GETC)/Grade 9 (Std 7). Experience: Appropriate cleaner/home tasks service
revel in. Inherent requirement of the process: Willingness to work shifts, weekends,
public vacations and relief in other departments. Competencies (know-how/abilties):
Ability to study, speak and write in at least of the 3 professional languages of the
Western Cape. Supervisory capabilities and optimal utilisation of sub-ordinates. Ability to
perform recurring based duties. Ability to adhere to protection requirements.

DUTIES : Ensure a smooth, hygienic and secure surroundings. Responsible for powerful
management of housework offerings in the wards and laundry offerings.
Maintenance of appliance and device. Render effective supervision. Render
help to sister in fee, nursing and Foodservice body of workers.

ENQUIRIES : Ms M Sedeman, Tel No: (022) 487-3294
APPLICATIONS : To the District Director: West Coast District, Private Bag x 15, Malmesbury.
seventy eight
NOTE : No fee of any kind is needed whilst applying for this put up.
CLOSING DATE : 07 September 2018

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