AFRICA meet your Star Director 3o

8 Months. A Global Record Breaker.

I am anonymous. Ex-Mine Engineer with multiple University Qualifications and a Female Enterpreneur.

I partnered with Longrich Bioscience on persuit of a better life. As a young business women striving her way up the corporate world I needed financial muscles to be able to Execute some of my dream projects and ideas. Reality is, our South African Economy is soo bad the government is not effecient in development of upcoming Enterpreneurs an funding small businesses. I had to stop complaining and stand up and do something to change my life and lives of others.

Yes, just like any other business. It has been an amazing journey full of excitement, growth, challenges, tears, laughter and enormous success. They mocked and loved at me but i kept on pushing my dream.

1. Joined Longrich 11th Novemver 2017

Bacame D4 in 3 weeks

Became D5 within 2 months

January i qualified for the D5 mini car incentive that R60 000

I already qualified for Dubai

I qualified for Petrol incentive

I qualified for Cellphone incentive

I qualified for Hollyhood

I will be heading to China for our Global Rally in September

End of february i qualified for the R300 000 leader Car 🚙

I made it to D6 in less than 3 months

I made it to D7 in 4 months

I qualified for the R600 000 leader car on 13th March

On the 16th of March longrich awarded me a Scholarship to go further my studies internationally.

I was declared a Longrich Millionaire by Longrich S.A on the 15th of March 2018.

I made it to STAR DIRECTOR in 5 months of joining Longrich Bioscience

I have moved from being an ordinary employed Engineering Graduate to a Young Multi Millionaire. I afford everything that i have ever dreamed of as a lil gal. My life took a 360 turn. From debt middle class life to buying properties and cars cash, to investments and starting off business operations.

Longrich Changed my Life and it can surely change yours too. Thank you God. To the most amazing and vibrant, the World’s Leading Team (RICHGANG) these one goes to each and everyone of you team mates. We did it. We are a bunch of winners Richgangers. Thank you

I am Anonymous an I AM FREE.
Better Life Better Future

Note:  Actual names in this articles have been hidden(anonymous) to protect the privacy of the people who are featured.

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