I bought an AMG 2018 C43 MERCEDES-BENZl

My name is Anonymous ,I am a Network Marketer and an Ex Wesbanker

✔I am a 29 year old mother of 2 girls
✔I’m married
✔I joined longrich November 2017.

My Journey

My name is Anonymous
I am a proud long rich member.
I joined long rich November 2017.

Joining long rich was a BUSINESS decision ,when LONG RICH was introduced to me I was a manager at another MLM company and at the time it was introduced to me by Vivian Mokome I was pushing for my 13th cheque with the previous company.

I was not an easy decision to make HOWEVER I thank God I Took a leap of faith and joined LONG RICH bioscience.

I joined long rich for simple reasons:
✔It made sense to me
✔I don’t loose my points
✔I don’t have to sell
✔Only recruit 3ppl
✔I get paid weekly
✔I run at my own pace no unnecessary pressure
✔And it’s affordable to join.

In the few months I’ve joined this amazing company I’ve qualified for the following:
✔R11 200 cellphone incentive
✔R6200 petrol incentive
R55 000 mini Car incentive
✔R600 000 car incentive
✔R300 000 house incentive
✔Hollywood trip
✔Dubai TRIP
✔China trip
✔I get paid a crazy weekly pay

Ever since ive joined LONG RICH I’ve never sold even 1 product but I’ve made over 2million

✔I bought a land

✔I bought an AMG 2018 C43 MERCEDES-BENZ
✔Range rover
✔Audi A1
✔VW Scorrocci
✔Bought our 3rd property
✔Own HerMajesty Projects
✔I get paid over 400k weekly

Long rich is still new in S.A. the right time to join us NOW

It doesn’t get BETTER than this

I am a star director in SA

Note:  Actual names in this articles have been hidden(anonymous) to protect the privacy of the people who are featured.

I have had so many of you ask how i do this business How are we so sure that We making the right decision? Wasn’t I scared? Wasn’t I rejected

This past few months have been the most stress-free of my entire adult life. I am finally living MY dream. Not working my Body off for someone else’s. If you aren’t building your dream – someone will hire you to build theirs. ✌🏼❤️

I’m looking for people with the following qualifications:

➡️ Ready to start building for *their* dream

➡️ Willing to learn

➡️ Enjoys helping people

➡️ Has a passion for healthy living or wants to learn how to be a healthy influence for their family

To learn more about longrich and join our squad contact 📞0828338923 or 📞0710078965

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