About three weeks ago they started building my grandmother’s dream household

I’m 23 years old raised by grandmother and my father,! They are both my life, I love them the same way.

I’ve always wanted to build my grandmother a beautiful big house emakhaya (her heaven on earth _she doesn’t have to die first and go to heaven – Yesu uzumgcine uMama).

I have been employed for 1 and 7 months now (1 year community service and 7 months permanently).

I had this huge house plan drawn in December 2017, when I got it I was scared and stressed because of the responsibilities I have 😭🙆🏿‍♀ but I knew I had to be done, I didn’t know know how.

January 2018 the Longrich opportunity came, took it with both hands, it started moving slow. I still have this house plan that I didn’t know what am I gonna do with it 😭🤷🏿‍♀.

My why grew bigger because when I showed my Granny the house plan she was so excited, lendlu yakhe ibisinethA😭😭 FUTH idabuka😰.

I knew I had to run, I had to be strong. I knew the only way I was gonna do this was through my salary and Longrich 🙏🏾

We couldn’t start with the building of the house, we had few isssues to sort one of them being the fencing (very expensive 😰) so I had to start with the fencing now

FF, 30 MAY 2018 I bought a car. At they were scared now that I’m no longer gonna build the house (my car is paid by Longrich) but I had everything planned and calculated

About three weeks ago they started building my grandmother’s dream house (her heaven on earth) I send money home weekly 🤭🙈

My mother’s house is almost finished. Longrich is a life changer don’t let them fool you. I wouldn’t have done it ngaphandle Kwakhe never

If things are not moving, go back to your “WHY” push harder. Next year I’m buying my dad a brand new car🎉🚗

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I have had so many of you ask how i do this business How are we so sure that We making the right decision? Wasn’t I scared? Wasn’t I rejected

This past few months have been the most stress-free of my entire adult life. I am finally living MY dream. Not working my Body off for someone else’s. If you aren’t building your dream – someone will hire you to build theirs. ✌🏼❤️

I’m looking for people with the following qualifications:

➡️ Ready to start building for *their* dream

➡️ Willing to learn

➡️ Enjoy helping people

➡️ Have a passion for healthy living or want to learn how to be a healthy influence for their families

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